4 Benefits of Customer Journey Mapping

A customer journey map is a methodology used to understand customers’ interactions with a brand, product or even through a specific process. It allows companies to evidence the real customer experience and how the make decisions through the clients funnel, highlighting clients emotions and challenges, touch points, business opportunities and systems a company needs to have in place to enhance the experience provided.  Here are 4 benefits of mapping and understanding your customer behaviour.

1. Understand your customers feelings and emotions and build empathy

If you are in the fitness and wellness industry, you probably deal with people with a variety of feelings and emotional challenges who can be seeing you as a hope to have a better life. So, you probably understand how powerful is to consider customer feelings for the services you provide.

Going beyond using customers’ feelings and challenges for getting leads or generate brand awareness, understanding feelings and pain points across channels and processes will help you to find insights, close gaps and differentiate from competitors from the enrollment process until they are willing to be an advocate for your brand.

A customer journey mapping helps your business to identify and take accountability about the feelings your customer have across all processes and realize what are the aspects you need to improve or develop to enhance their experience. For example, for wellness centers should be asking about the top 3 goals your clients have when acquiring a membership? How are you making them feel when achieved?  What partnerships can you develop to complement your services and boost clients’ results?

2. Visualize all touch points and communication assets

Customer journey maps will help you to understand what are the most important touch points your company has, as well those your clients expect to have, they might correlate or not. But, it will envision the critical improvements you need to do to ease any negative feelings or frustrations about your process. Also you will be able to identify more effective channels to influence customer decisions. For example, if you’re targeting seniors and young professionals or these two segments are driving the majority of your sales, how do you think touch points will change among them? Are you available across all of them?

Furthermore, mapping the customer journey will give your company powerful insights and a variety of communication options to attract and engage your clients for best results. So, make sure you have a consistent message across all touchpoints and communication assets.

3. Insights about business opportunities and partnerships

Discovering growth opportunities and partnerships I would say, is the most powerful outcome of customer journey mapping, because it will enable you to visualize the evolution of your business in every product or service step by step, and boost your business growth. Remember, enhancing your customer experience by complementing your current portfolio does not mean that all these improvements are gonna be for free. In fact, it is the opposite, it will give you the chance to increase revenue by reviewing and adjusting your price points. For instance, Equinox who offers a childcare option called Kids Club, where children can stay and play while parents workout up to 2 hours. Another example is, big hotels chains such as Marriot and W are offering fitness and weekends programs as a complementary service.

4. Identify systems you need to have in place to reduce operational inefficiencies

Many companies use to work towards the reduction of operational inefficiencies which in many ways improve revenue numbers due to cost reductions. However, implementing this practice without having in consideration the customer behavior can be really damaging for your brand. Instead, mapping your customers’ journey will allow you to identify critical processes and operational efficiencies you need to work towards a better customer satisfaction. In fact, you can use the CX approach to map in more detail specific processes like enrollment, add on of products of services, customer support, etc.

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